Where is my service area and what are my service options?


What do I need to know before my service begins?


What can I recycle?


How do I prepare my recyclables?


Where do I place my container?


What is my collection schedule?


Where does it go?


How can I recycle more?

How do I recycle for free?

Residential Recycling—Area Where the Service is Offered

Service Details: Click the questions on the left menu bar to learn more about how recycling collection works.


Service Fees & Options: Click the button below to see your service options and fees.


Sign up for Service: Click the color button below where you live to sign up for service or to add your name to our waiting list.


Green AreaRed AreaGray Area

Green Area

Service is immediately available in the green areas of the map.  Click the green button above to sign up for service. Service will start once you have received your cart.

Red Area

Service will start in the red areas of the map once there are enough homes in the more densely populated areas that have joined the waiting list.  Please add your name to the list by clicking the red button and filling in the fields with the requested information.

Gray Area

Service in the gray areas are not likely to start in the foreseeable future. However, you can register your interest by clicking the gray button and filling in the fields with the requested information.  This will help us determine where to offer service next.

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