Recycle Right. Recycle More. Landfill Less!


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No holiday schedule changes until July 4.

Have you ever seen your recyclables dumped into a waste truck or landfill and asked yourself, “Is recycling even worth it?”

At EarthSavers, we understand this frustration.

We offer true recycling services for both businesses and residences. We are not a waste company, and we make this guarantee:

If you put it in our recycling container, it WILL be recycled!

Be Confident Your Recycling Is Making a Difference!


Paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, glass, document destruction


Daily, weekly, every other week, monthly


20 & 32-gallon bins, 96 gallon carts, 2-cubic yard dumpsters


Recycle your items right and reduce the stress on our landfills

Be Confident Your Recycling Is Making a Difference!

Business Recycling


Paper, cardboard, plastics (1-7), cans, glass, document destruction


Weekly to Monthly


20-gallon bins to 2-cubic yard dumpsters

Service Location

Desk-side, break room, service dock, outside

Residential Recycling


Paper, cardboard, plastics (1-7), cans, glass


Once or twice a month


96-gallon carts

Service Location

Curbside (Backdoor options when required by city)

We Make Recycling Easy

Recently, when I forget to get the recycling on the curb they made the effort to get it, now that is customer service! I believe somoene is doing a great job to turn the service around, or they have a good work crew.

Donna B.

“Is recycling worth it?”

We get asked this question a lot, and we believe the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Recycling creates new products from our trash and is always greener than mining the earth and stripping the forests.

Five Ways to Easily Implement True Recycling in Your Business

Why Work With Us?

We are fully licensed & insured.

Our pickup times are
scheduled & reliable.

Our team is professional & friendly.

We recycle what we
collect—no landfills.

“We have had excellent service from EarthSavers! Rodney, our driver, is always professional and courteous! Thank you! Been using them for about 8 years now!”

Judy H.

At EarthSavers, we care about more than making the Earth a better place – we care about people too. We believe God has called us to love and serve those around us, and we work hard to reflect this in our team and company culture.

What makes our team unique?

  • We provide a living wage to all our staff.
  • We mentor each other as a team to be better spouses, parents, and leaders in the Nashville community.
  • We provide employment opportunities to those looking for a second chance.

We work hard to be a team, and if you choose our recycling services, you will see our team spirit in our employees and customer service.